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Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust gives you or someone you designate, income for life. However, at the termination of the trust, all assets are transferred to the Catholic Charities Endowment Fund . By making the transfer, you avoid immediate capital gains tax, receive a sizable charitable deduction, reduce the size of your taxable estate, and have the trust generate income for yourself or your family.

There are two ways to create the trust. An Annuity Trust pays the beneficiary a fixed sum each year. A Unitrust pays a percentage of the value of the assets of the trust.

Life insurance combined with a charitable remainder trust can be an effective tool in maximizing benefits for your family and your charitable giving.

Since the amount used to fund the trust will no longer be given directly to any heirs, some people also create a Philanthropic Fund.

Philanthropic Fund

You can establish a Philanthropic Fund and direct the proceeds from the fund to those works of mercy at Catholic Charities which are of particular personal interest to you and your family.

Perhaps you are an attorney and are especially interested in the legal advocacy programs of Catholic Charities. You might then want to create a Catholic Charities Annual Campaign Commitment.

Catholic Charities Annual Campaign Commitment

Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment allows Catholic Charities to invest your gift of securities, property, insurance, etc. to maximize its value. Then the income generated by your gift in turn funds an annual contribution to the Catholic Charities Annual Campaign. While the principal remains intact, the revenue from our investment plan acts as a permanent resource for Catholic Charities

For assistance with your gift, please call one of the following:

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