Catholic Charities Diocese of Paterson
Planned Giving
Your gift of selected assets can provide Catholic Charities with the necessary means to accomplish the work of Christ among His most needy people.  Bequests to Catholic Charities are fully deductible as charitable gifts for federal estate-tax purposes and, in most cases, for state death-tax purposes.
Government support, which accounts for most of the revenue for charitable institutions, is dwindling. More and more of the financial responsibility of assisting those in need is being born by dedicated individuals who see their own personal success as a blessing from God. These people, like yourself, experience the need to "make a thank offering to God for His goodness," and participation in a planned giving program provides a structured way to support programs which express your thankfulness.

Catholic Charities, with its nearly 100 year history of acting as the hands of Christ in the world, needs your assistance to maintain and develop programs for Christ's disadvantaged. Click on the links below to find ways your blessings can be further extended to the work of the Lord.

Please contact Tom Barrett in the Catholic Charities Development Office at 973-523-4456 or via email to
  • The Catholic Charities Endowment Fund
  • Gift Giving Through Your Will and Estate
  • A Gift Through Life Insurance
  • A Charitable Remainder Trust